Gadget day : Chumby is here !

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PB220034.JPGJust received my Chumby ! Getting it was really a pain, I registered almost 2 years ago when the product was announced and when I get the right to buy one, the Chumby team announced that they would not sell it outside USA :/ Had to use the Force (and Olivier, thanks 😉 ) to have it arrive in my office in Paris ;). Nevertheless it’s really a UFO in the consumer electronics world. Firstly it comes in a cute pouch and really few things inside, just the strict necessary (no billion page manual, no thousand adapters…). As soon as you power it up, there’s really only one thing you can say :
PB220038.JPGThe Chumby is awesome !
Small touchscreen wrapped in quality leather case and connected to the Internet and running widgets through an embedded Flash player. Initial set-up was really easy. Only weak point, it asked me for a firmware upgrade that is downloaded through Bitorrent and that lasted for ages to download with an average of 0,5 peers and almost no seeds (Chumby guys, you should have a seed always on !).
Picture 3.pngOnce you have it up and running, it’s really easy to create a channel wher you drop some widgets from the available widget list. Widgets stay up for a defined time and then change to the next widget and you have connexion to the major web services available… and more to come with an really cool SDK.
Also check out the “virtual chumby” on my facebook profile !
As a conclusion it’s a really cool hardware connected to a really cool set of services… not sure how big the market is for this thing but geeks wiil love it !

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